• Dubai Port World,
    Yarımca (Turkey) Container Terminal
  • Marport, Ambarlı (Turkey) Facilities.
  • Turkmenbashi Port, Turkmenistan.
Marine Facilities, Repair and Rehabilitation

ENDURA provides specialist engineering and consultancy services in the structural assessment and pathology of concrete structures as well as solutions for rehabilitating near and offshore assets

Materials-Corrosion Engineering and Cathodic Protection

ENDURA specializes in selection of materials against various forms of corrosion and in failure analysis. With accredited experts, ENDURA provides project specific consultancy services for material-corrosion engineering and cathodic protection solutions.

Endura Engineering Limited

Endura is an independent, specialized professional engineering and consultancy firm with a combined 35+ years of expertise in repair, rehabilitation, and protection of civil engineering assets.

With experience across North America, Europe and the Middle East, Endura offers workable engineering solutions for lifecycle renewal and extension of engineering structures such as petrochemical facilities, pipelines, marine structures, and bridges.

We manage risks and provide quality during rehabilitation and corrosion prevention projects.


PAGEL Spezial-Beton GmbH & Co. Kg - Germany
PAGEL Spezial-Beton GmbH & Co. Kg - Germany

High performance grouts,
Spray concretes,
Concrete protection systems
Special, fast setting pavement repair concretes for full depth replacements.


Corrosion Prevention Association
Corrosion Prevention Association

Cathodic Protection
Chloride Extraction
Sacrificial Anodes
Corrosion Inhibitors